The moment you just have to leave Today is April the 2nd of 2018, it is 9 in the morning and we suddenly realise that time has come to leave… We finally managed to cross every single item one our to-do list, and everything is packed already in the car. We’ve said our goodbyes to our families and friends and are now alone, in the front of the house, ready to go… After being traveling for nearly two months, while writing these words, I can still feel the furious beats of my heart echoing the sound of the engine starting… What the **** are we doing?? So far it was quite simple. We were following the plan et we knew exactly what to do, for the last six months of our lives had been dedicated to get us to this very moment… And here we were. We can feel the adrenaline rush in our veins as we realise what it means. We are about to leave our confortable nest, surrounded by all the people we love, to throw ourselves into a huge unknown. By the way… Why did we decided to do that? Oh yes I know… Because that feeling is the best thing ever, and we just love it! We smile at each other and engrave this instant in our hearts before starting our journey. Settling in our new house We head straight for the Pyrenean mountains, and faced a 3 hours trafic jam before getting into Spain without even noticing. We found our first campsite by a little river, on the Spanish side of the mountains et set our tent up with the intent of sleeping in it for the first time… Yes because initially we were going to take the tent we had bought last year (the blue one) and almost entirely fixed at the time, but we got it out to put it on the car, we realised that maybe it wasn’t really fit for the adventure: the mosquito nets were very tired and the tent was no longer water -nor insect- proof… We were quite confused about what to do until Toni received an e-mail from his friend Ebrahim, whom he’d traveled with through Iran and Oman a few years ago. It turns out that he is so enthusiastic about our project that he wants to join us for a while. Decision was thus made to start this adventure with a guest 😉 After a few research on the internet, we find a very good offer for a very good tent, on a website that we already know is serious, accesoires4x4.ch. The tent is topicalised and comes with an extra water and insect proof space at the bottom, that could be used as a room for Ebrahim. It’s an extra cost, for sure, but we think it worth it and we contact the sellers… The service is perfect, and they even agree to give us a discount to support our project 😉 The tent will arrive in Ariège, our last French stop in my mother’s place, right on time for us to install it. In other words here we are, just a few days before leaving, discovering the tent and praying for the announced measurements to be right… We all cross our fingers during the process… It fits, just about nearly nothing, but it fits!! That’s the reason why we feel like children discovering their new tree house when entering our new bedroom for the first time… Our very own confortable nest that we can drive anywhere we want!! These first few days are rythmed with first times… First sunrise, first meal cooked in our kitchen, first shower in our bathroom with view, first coffee break… We travel down south alongside the cost until Almeria, where we pick Ebrahim up and make our way to Gibraltar. A peaceful retreat in Tarifa In France we say « in April do not take of clothes (and in May do what you like) »… Well it turns out we could also say, in April do not forget to take your oars, specially if you intent to cross the Gibraltar strait, and a massive storm is coming your way… We couldn’t find a better moment to get there, and after a few nights under the rain already, we happily decide to retreat and find a room for the night. After a rapid search we head to the Natural Surf Camp, close to the beach and just a few kilometres from Tarifa. Windy for windy, we might as well go where the storm will blow the strongest! We arrive under pouring rain, and discover a nice house with a living room full of people, comfortably installed, watching a movie. One them, Tomy, shows us to our rooms, arranged around an inner patio lighted (well under some sun, certainly) by a little stained glass dome. We rapidly feel at home in this warming and serein place, and enjoy already the idea of a dry night! At night, it’s in the kitchen that we get to know our hosts better: Lori, Virginia, Tommy, Christian et Eduardo. They’re all friends, Italian, and share the same love for food, that they transmit to their garden. On the table is a big basket full of beautiful and colourful vegetables coming straight from the garden that they take turns to cook for the group, beautifully we can confirm! Later on we also meet with Miguel and his beautiful dog Kira, free spirits of the camp… There is also a whole universe outside, like chill out space full of pillows, a small bar, and even a swimming pool… But let’s say that we enjoyed a more winterish side of the place 😉 With the storm still raging outside we’re not in any hurry to leave and we’ll end up staying four days recharging our batteries (and also discharging the 4WD batteries, as we'll discover lately)… A good thing we recharged our batteries before crossing, for we didn’t know it yet, but we were in for quite an adventure!! #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 33%; } #gallery-1 img { border: 2px solid #cfcfcf; } #gallery-1 .gallery-caption { margin-left: 0; } /* see gallery_shortcode() in wp-includes/media.php */ Around Ametlla de Casserres – Spain – See the article Monserrat – Spain – See the article Cala Moraig beach – Spain – See the article Cala Moraig – Spain – See the article Lake de los Bermejales – Spain Lake de los Bermejales – Spain – See the article Lake de los Bermejales – Spain – See the article Alhama de Granada – Spain – See the article Alhama de Granada – Spain – See the article Alhama de Granada – Spain – See the article Alhama de Granada – Spain – See the article Mirador de la Castanares – Spain – See the article Jimera de Libar – Spain – See the article Gibraltar – See the article Gibraltar – See the article Gibraltar – See the article Tarifa – Spain – See the article Tarifa – Spain – See the article Tarifa Beach – Spain – See the article

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